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ISO Dracula: A Day Trip to Whitby

Monday was Juneteenth, so we took the opportunity to hop in the car and head out to the seaside. Our destination was Whitby, of Dracula fame, a little less than two hours from home.

We headed to the famous Whitby Abby to see Bram Stoker's inspiration for Dracula. While we did not encounter any vampires (maybe it was too sunny), we did get some epic photos of Win & Clem by the abby.

Whitby Abby is an English Heritage site, so you'll have to buy tickets if you aren't an English Heritage member (but you can save 10% if you book in advance online). The Abby is dog friendly, just make sure your babies are on lead!

After touring the Abby (and walking up 199 steps to get there), we decided to stop for some fresh fish and chips. We popped into Hadley's, an extremely dog friendly restaurant, where we were sat right away (granted, it was a Monday afternoon).

My husband and I both got a small cod with a side of mushy peas, and we still had plenty to spare to share with the Scots (they don't get the fried breading, but they LOVE fish).

We walked back to the car to make our way to our next destination (Sandsend), but stopped at an ice cream place right by the car park for a little refreshing treat. Clara's had the best soft serve we have tasted anywhere in the country--and gorgeous views, to boot.

The Scotties were tired and hot, so we opted to drive down to Sandsend. On a cooler day (without a trip to Whitby Abby), we definitely could have walked. We always make sure we have plenty of water on hand. Winston is extremely snobby and refuses to drink from communal bowls, so we carry around a collapsible dog bowl to share our drinking water with the prince and princess.

There is plenty of on-street parking by Sandsend Beach. And wow, this beach was stunning. Sandy, beautiful views, and really quiet (again, it was a Monday). Best of all? Totally dog friendly... and CLEAN!

This was Clementine's very first visit to the beach, so it was extra special for us.

The little one loved the water, and both Win and Clem loved running along the beach!

We can't wait to return--this time for longer than just a day!

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