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Products We Love

Every dog is different, but here are the things Winston & Clementine love most!

IMG_6152 2.HEIC

Winston loves going on adventures, but as he has gotten older, his daily limit is four or five miles. We bought this backpack so we can take him on hikes of any distance, and it's fantastic. Also available on Amazon UK.

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For our US friends!

The only certified, human-grade pet food on the market in the US. Veterinarian designed and formulated--and every single batch goes through a safety check. If you use our link (, you'll get 20% off your first box and we'll get 20% toward our next one!


Winston used to get terrible rashes on his belly in the summer and fall. A few times we had to bring him to the vet for incredibly irritated and flaky skin. I started adding these allergy supplements to his food years ago, and we've never looked back. Everyone I've recommended them to swears by them as well! Also available on Amazon UK.


This stuff is magic. We have tried every cleaner out there, and none of them come close to comparing. Consider it an eraser for any incident--no matter how catastrophic. Life changing! Also available on Amazon UK.


After I had to have Winston's teeth cleaned under anesthesia when he was five, I did a bunch of research to figure out how to keep plaque and tartar from building up on his teeth. This supplement works so well. In addition to regular teeth brushing, I just sprinkle one small scoop of ProDen over his breakfast in the morning. It has been amazing at keeping his teeth clean! Also available on Amazon UK.


Yes, you will get looks of disdain, shock, and horror... But other people will think this is the cutest thing ever. More importantly, it's great for city getaways when you don't want to worry about your little dogs getting crushed by the crowds. We regularly hit around twelve miles of walking a day when we go to London, so this is a must have! We got ours from Amazon UK, but there's a similar version available in the US.


We've been customers since Winnie was a puppy! Love these gorgeous, sturdy, products. Winston wears the "New Red Plaid" design (Collar: Narrow, Size S, Harness: M; Lead: Wide, 5 foot) and Clementine wears "Up Country Plaid" in the same sizes.


For our USA followers!

 We love these all-natural, peanut butter and vanilla flavored treats. They're a great vegetarian option to add to your rotation. Win & Clem go crazy for these--their grandparents always send these over in their care parcels! Bocce's Bakery also makes other fun flavors like burgers & fries and fish & chips.


We bought two of these for Clemmie when she was recovering from her spay, and they were wonderful. Be sure to measure your dog first, but a medium fit Clem like a glove. Lightweight, soft, and breathable. The best part? It doesn't have to be removed for your (female) dog to toilet! UK followers, this same suit is available on Amazon UK!

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