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Introducing: Win and Clem's Massachusetts Family

If you follow us on Instagram, you might have wondered who the other dogs are in Win and Clem's pictures. Here they are!

While last week was Clementine's first time meeting the gang, Winston used to spend time with my parents' dogs, Coco and Henry, and my sister's dog, Parker, before we moved to the UK. Now that we are all in the Boston area again, this motley crew can be found promenading around the neighborhood, chasing balls in the yard, and cuddling up on the couch. Read on to find out a bit more about Win and Clem's Uncle Henry, Auntie Coco, and cousin Parker!

Coco the Silky Terrier (11 years old)

Spunky and sassy, Coco is a little nine-pound dynamo. Coco, or "Beans," as we affectionately call her, enjoys barking, digging holes (both outside and in carpets), and cuddling with my Dad while he does crossword puzzles on Sunday mornings. Coco and Winnie have been friends since the beginning--they love to play sentry by going room to room in my parents' house, growling at chipmunks and barking at passing school buses.

Henry the Goldendoodle (6 years old)

Henry, also known as "Hanky Panky" or "Harry," is the most content being on planet Earth. Never in a bad mood, Henry is an energetic, curlicued love bug. Like other doodles, Hank needs to be in physical contact with a human at all times (paw on the lap, sitting on a lap, head resting on your side) or else running around like a bat out of hell. Henry would choose cuddles and a frisbee over food any day. He loves long walks in the woods, barking at Amazon delivery trucks, and smiling ear to ear while getting pets.

Parker the Golden Mix (approx. 4 years old)

No one can be exactly sure of Parker's exact age--he's a rescue boy from Alabama. My sister adopted Parker when he was about one year old. The poor guy had a terrible case of heart worm disease, and was about a week away from euthanasia at a kill shelter. Now he's living the posh life up in Boston, where he spends his days loafing around (which explains his aliases: "Loaf" and"Loafy"). When he's not splayed out on a cool floor or a plush couch, Parker loves chasing balls (pretending they are small animals) and ambling through the woods.

For your viewing enjoyment, some throwback photos of the gang pre-2020 move to England:

Henry, Coco, and Winnie when Hank was just a young puppy, sometime around 2017.

Winnie, Parker, and Henry in summer 2020.

Me and the dogs at the pond circa 2017.

And, to end, one of my beloved childhood dogs, Charlie the Bearded Collie, with Coco and Winnie in 2015.

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