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A Weekend in Whitby

Labor Day weekend by the English seaside

Having gone to Whitby for the first time at the beginning of the summer, we knew we had to return ASAP. The very evening we came home from our day trip to Whitby Abbey in June, we booked a cottage for Labor Day weekend--and prayed the weather would be kind to us!

Boy, were we lucky. The weekend ended up being the most glorious of the entire summer. We had a great time eating fresh seafood, taking long walks on the beach, venturing out to Whitby Abbey, and enjoying the English sunshine.

Mr Win on his way to the cottage!

We booked a lovely little cottage in the tiny, picturesque fishing village of Sandsend. It's about a two-mile walk along the beach to Whitby proper. What we love most about Sandsend is that the entire stretch of huge, sandy beach to Whitby is dog friendly year-round! The tide can get really low, providing loads of space for dogs to merrily run around and splash in the sea without bothering each other.

Our cottage in Sandsend had a beautiful view of the water from the bedroom, and was just a short walk downhill to the beach.

The first night we arrived, we strolled down to the Fish Cottage. While dogs are not allowed inside the restaurant, there is a small terrace at the front of the restaurant where you can sit and eat with them at picnic tables. The night we arrived it was a bit cold and rainy so the restaurant was not too busy, but when we went back on Sunday (a 10/10, beautiful, sunny day), the place was so packed that people were sharing tables with each other. If you're eating outside, you order outdoors at the window. The first night we ordered way too much food, but it was all delicious!

Haddock and chips with mushy peas, a mussel pot, loaded crab fries, and fish tacos.

On Saturday, the weather turned and it was sunny and warm. We decided to take the beach walk to Whitby (bringing the backpack with us for the dogs, just in case). The dogs did so well--the cool sea breeze and ability to dip into the North Sea for a little refreshment did all of us well.

Just a couple of babies on the beach.

Once we arrived in Whitby, we popped into Cranberry Swamp, an incredibly dog-friendly breakfast and lunch spot right on Skinner Street. Everyone there, from the waitstaff to the other guests, could not have been more friendly--or more enthused to see Winston and Clementine! They even have a separate dog menu featuring a range of biscuits handmade by a little dog treat speciality spot down the street. So sweet.

Mr Win does his famous circus boy trick at Cranberry Swamp.

Refueled and ready for the walk back, we set out for Sandsend. On the way, the dogs waded in the water. Clementine LOVES the ocean, and ran right in! She even had her first full-fledged swim, and is already setting her sights on the next summer Olympics (she is super fast).

Little Ms Clem absolutely CRUISING on her very first go at swimming (don't mind me shrieking in the background)!

After resting up a bit we opted for dinner at the local pub, The Hart Inn. While the interior of the pub area is dog-friendly, they've got a lovely little beer garden around back that was a must for such a nice night. This place also gets incredibly busy, so snag a seat early if you're planning on visiting.

A dressed Whitby crab and fries and a fish finger sandwich with chips.

We loved the casual and friendly atmosphere. Just like the Fish Cottage, if you're sitting outside you can just order at a window around the back of the pub.

On Sunday, the temperatures were rising and we opted to drive up to Whitby Abbey. It was a perfect day for taking pictures, and we got some excellent shots.

This time we ventured into the gift shop, which is expansive. The dogs were totally welcomed inside, and I got a really beautiful copy of Dracula that the shopkeepers kindly offered to stamp with Whitby Abbey emblem!

After traipsing around the abbey, we headed across the street to Whitby Brewery. There's loads of outdoor seating here--and a great view of the abbey!

Enjoying a tipple in the sunshine.

That evening we ended up getting takeaway from the Fish Cottage. It was packed and the queue to order was long (everything is made-to-order so the whole process can be a bit slow). We ate in the little garden behind our cottage and enjoyed the warm weather.

On Monday, it was time to head home. On our way back we stopped at Hole of Horcum, an awe-inspiring valley in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Pictures and videos simply do not do this place justice.

We were going to do the shorter five-mile circular walk (there's a popular seven-mile walk as well), but the sun was beating down and it was just way too hot for the dogs, so we ended up only walking about one mile down and one mile up.

We could not have asked for better weather for our seaside weekend, and it was so heartwarming to see the dogs happy.

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Sep 12, 2023

Looks like an amazing weekend with lots of sun, fun, and wonderful memories!!

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