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Salty Air and Sandy Paws: A Weekend in Coastal Maine

The Scotties visit northern New England

Over the weekend, we hopped in the car with the Scotties and drove about two hours north of Boston to the beautiful seaside city of Saco, Maine. We were meeting my husband's family, who live in Maine, and decided to make a mini vacation out of it.

We rented a little guest house with stunning views of Saco Bay right outside the window.

With the beach just steps from the door, we seized the opportunity to take a long, peaceful walk by the shore. The water was just a bit too cold for Ms. Clem, who normally loves to swim in the ocean!

On Saturday, we drove up to Old Orchard Beach, one of Maine's most beautiful and famous beach towns. The pier, pristine water, and cascading sandy beach were just beautiful--even on a chilly November day.

Dogs are allowed on the beach during the off-season (Labor Day through May 15th).

Can you believe how gorgeous those beach silhouettes are?

Win rolled around in the sand (one of his favorite things to do) while Clem ran around digging holes, like the little crazy she is.

After building up an appetite walking around Old Orchard Beach, we headed over to Sea Salt Lobster in Saco for some delicious, fresh seafood. We called ahead to make sure it was alright to bring Winnie and Clemmie--I read that the restaurant has an outdoor patio area with heat lamps, and we were fine to bring the babies as long as they were well-behaved. Win and Clem got the royal treatment, with fresh water and treats and loads of attention!

My husband got the haddock chowder, which he loved, and I got the clam chowder (amazing) and OOB lobster roll (warm and buttery and so good).

How do you prefer your lobster rolls?

  • Warm and buttery

  • Cold with mayo

Win was so happy to see his Maine family, and Clem was thrilled to meet her paternal grandparents and uncle for the first time!

Sometimes all you need is a little sand and sea. What a lovely and restorative weekend.

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