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Make Way for Scotties

Win & Clem in Boston!

I grew up in Boston (and so did Winnie), so I was really excited to parade my babies around town. The city I love did not disappoint--everywhere we go, people stop us to take pictures, enjoy some cuddles, and revel in the glory of this precious Scottie duo. Winnie and Clemmie LOVE the attention, so it's safe to say they are very much enjoying the land of the Red Sox and clam chowdah.

Of all the foods Boston is known for, what's your fave?

  • Clam chowder

  • Lobster roll

  • Baked beans

  • Cannoli

A good friend of mine suggested meeting at a cool beer garden on the Esplanade called Night Shift. I was pleasantly surprised by just how dog friendly they were--Winston and Clementine were greeted with huge smiles and giant treats, and there were dogs everywhere. People seemed great about keeping their dogs calm and quiet, and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual. The beer was great and the views were awesome. I'm looking forward to returning in the spring and summer.

I had not been to the Esplanade in years and years, so we took advantage of the opportunity to watch the boats and get close to a blissfully crowd-free Hatch Shell.

Clementine is the ultimate water baby and tried, desperately (and unsuccessfully), to jump into the Charles River on multiple occasions.

Just a tad bit less crowded than on the Fourth of July...

If you're looking for a nice area to walk with your dog, the Esplanade is great. Just look out for bikers and runners!

I was absolutely desperate to bring the babies to my favorite place in Boston (the Public Garden), so we made a day of lunch on Newbury Street, a stroll down Comm Ave, and a walk around the Garden.

Greco is one of my go-to places to eat in Boston. They have several locations, but I love this one on Newbury Street becuase they have a small area with outdoor seating and it's great for people watching. The gyros are phenomenal (there's something about their garlic sauce) and their zucchini chips are unreal.

If you've never been to Boston before, maybe you know know the Public Garden from the famous scene with Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting, the beautiful story of Louis in E.B. White's The Trumpet of the Swan (my all-time favorite book as a child), or the now canonical classic/staple in every classroom in the Greater Boston Area Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

Sadly for us, the Public Garden is undergoing major renovations, so the statues are fenced up and the water has been drained out of the pond. Somehow, it was still beautiful.

All of that dirt behind Win & Clem is where the water normally is...

Most importantly, there was not a queue/line to wait for pictures of the famous duckling statues. With the help of my mum, we got one of my favorite shots of Win and Clem ever...

It was so special to me to share some of these places, especially the ones I've been going to since I was a child, with both of my babies. Based on their smiles, I think they're loving it too.

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