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Holy Grail Products: US and UK!

I obsessed over researching things so you don't have to.

Note: I am not a veterinarian, so please consult yours if you have any questions about whether or not these products are suitable for you and your little ones. None of these products are sponsored, but the Amazon US links here are affiliate links. It would help us tremendously if you used our links to purchase your products, but everything listed here is truly just stuff that we genuinely swear by.

Food, Supplements, and Treats

Winston and Clementine eat half fresh food and half dry food. There is a huge debate about what type of food is best for dogs--this is just what works for us. I opt for half fresh food for variety, flavour, and nutrition, half dry food to ensure proper caloric intake and encourage chewing to keep their teeth strong. I fully recognise and respect that every dog has different needs and likes!

Butternut Box Fresh Dog Food (if you use this link, you'll get 50% off your first box and 25% off your second--and we'll get 50% of our next box!)

Butternut Box boasts that their food is 'human quality,' and honestly, this is not the kind of tinned cat food you're too queasy to think about opening every single day. It actually looks and smells... kind of good? We rotate between five different recipes: Chicken You Out, Gobble Gobble Turkey, Duo of Duck and Chicken, Salmon to Love, and Tuck in Chicken. Both Winston and Clementine go crazy for this food!

After taking a short survey, Butternut Box will tell you recommended portion sizes based on how much you're planning to feed your dog (i.e. 100% fresh food or any variation of a partial percentage of fresh food to dry food). You can then choose which recipes you'd like included in your box, which gets delivered once per month. The food arrives frozen, and you can take out about a week's worth at a time to thaw in the fridge for use.

One time Winnie got so excited about his Butternut Box delivery that he tore open the box himself...

Based on my research, the closest US equivalent of Butternut Box is likely The Farmer's Dog or Ollie. When we eventually move back, we'll be going with one of those (unless you have other recommendations, please comment below if there's a fresh food in the US that you love).

Not to humiliate Win, but as he got older he really started to pack on weight--in spite of consistent and regular exercise. I do monitor his weight closely because I worry immensely about joint and heart health. Luckily I found a light dog food here in the UK that Winston absolutely adores. I really love James Wellbeloved's brand philosophy and commitment to superior ingredients. The debate about grain-inclusive versus grain-free dog food still rages on, but I just go by what Win has done best with (which is this food).

When Clemmie was under six months old, she ate James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice Dry Puppy Food, and it worked wonders for her!

When we lived in the US, I had Winnie eating Dr. Tim's Metabolite Weight Management Dog Food for about a year, and we absolutely loved it. Winnie loved the taste and he was healthy and vivacious with a glossy coat and big smile! Like James Wellbeloved, Dr. Tim's exclusively uses high-quality ingredients, and it's formulated by a vet (yes, Dr. Tim himself).

Winnie suffers from skin allergies (typically from grass and piles of dead leaves on the ground). They used to get so bad in the summer and fall that we had to bring him to the emergency vet a couple of times for steroids and Apoquel. Out of desperation, I tried these ZestyPaws bites several years ago--and I'll never go back. His skin is so much better, and he goes for walks/hikes year-round without any issues (knock on wood). These are available in the UK as well!

As yummy as they are effective, according to Win.

I know we are not the only ones who, despite teeth brushing and dental chews, still manage to accumulate plaque and tartar. Winnie's teeth were so bad by the time he was five that he had to have a teeth cleaning at the vet under anesthesia. To avoid doing this again, I researched supplements that would help. This powder, which is also available in the UK, really helps the plaque from building up, and noticeably helps it come off easily when brushing teeth.

Full disclosure, we just started using this about a month ago, but we're happy with it so far. Other omega oils we've tried in the past have been super smelly but, blessedly, this one isn't. Because I can't smell the US products for myself at the moment, please comment below if you have a recommendation!

We've tried a lot of dental chews, and often they don't actually get chewed. Like any other treat, they seem to be gone in three bites. These, because of the shape and texture, actually encourage the dogs to chew. They are amazing for teeth cleaning.

While we've not tried these, W'zis Fang Dental Dog Chews in the United States have very similar ingredients (algae and fennel).

These are so good for training because they're small and fairly nutritious, as far as treats go, and they are definitely 'high reward' treats for Win and Clem!

Our go-to US pick. We still order these from the US because Win and Clem LOVE the Birthday Cake flavour. It's also nice to add a vegetarian treat option into the rotation!


This. Stuff. Is. Magical. I will never go without it again. Is the cleaning solution all natural? Definitely not, but it gets the worst of the worst stains out and discourages repeat offenses in those spots. The design of the bottle is actually genius--you squeeze the bottle for the solution to come out and then rub it in with the brush. We have seriously tried everything, from every single pet-focused Resolve product to Simple Solution Extreme, and this is the clear winner. Also available on Amazon UK!

Maybe this is not essential if there's only one dog in your house, but once you have two or more, it's time to invest in this (expensive) bad boy. Worth every damn penny. If you're hoovering every single day, you're going to want a vacuum that does this job, and this is the one. Cord vacuums will ruin your life. This one is perfect for stairs, corners, couches, floors, rugs, you name it. The only annoying thing about this vacuum is if you have it on MAX mode (which we always do), it will run out of a charge before you can hoover your whole house. I still think the quality of this product is well worth the wait to let it rest and recharge. Don't worry, it's sold in the UK too!

Dyson V8: Human tested, Scottie approved.

Simply the best for sensitive skin. It smells great, lathers and cleans well, and leaves their coats silky and shiny. We're permanent customers. It's made in the UK, so it's of course available here as well.

'Never mind your stupid photo, get me out of this bath!'


As the name suggests, it's cute. It's also very practical if you have a smaller dog. We use this on long hikes and in cities, and it has been a game changer. This one also expands out so your dog has a contained place to rest if need be. Also available from Amazon UK.

People will judge you, but your dogs won't get crushed in the crowds or collapse from exhaustion on days when you're walking a half marathon. Also available from Amazon UK (we got ours off of Amazon UK, the US link is similar but not *exactly* the same product).

Win visiting Scotland Yard from the comfort of his pram.

Clementine will drink out of just about any dog bowl, but Winnie refuses to touch communal bowls. We always have a collapsible dog bowl on hand that can easily clip to his leash for convenience. There are loads of different kinds of these, this is very similar to the one we have if you're looking for one in the UK.


There are few dog toys that are 'must haves,' but this is one of them. It's the sturdiest dog toy we've ever come across, and it's awesome to stuff with peanut butter/pumpkin/dog treats if you need to leave your dog and want them to have a fun and tasty activity for when they're alone. Also available in the UK.

Warning: Definitely not indestructible, but still pretty solid as far as dog toys go, and we've never, ever had a toy that comes close to providing HOURS of entertainment as this one. Also available in the UK.


Winston and Clementine honestly just aim to destroy any toy they own, so we get most of their toys from TKMaxx (TJMaxx/HomeGoods in the US). They're the same brands you find in any pet supply store, just at a fraction of the price (so it hurts a little less when they're decapitated and de-fluffed within five minutes).


If you haven't yet tried a fleece for your dog, you absolutely must! They are amazing for keeping your dogs relatively dry, warm, and clean in snow and rain. I love Diane from DDogWear on Etsy because she makes fleeces to order based on your dogs measurements, which means they'll fit perfectly.

Available in the US and the UK! Winston has had his since 2016, and it's held up to many washes and snowstorms. We love that you can customise it with their name or initials.

Fantastic New England-based company that ships to both the US and the UK. Winston wears the 'New Red Plaid' design and Clementine wears 'Up Country Plaid.' They both wear a Size Small collar (in the narrow option) and Medium Harness (in the regular width option). I prefer the shorter, wide-with five-foot leads, but we have both sizes.

These worked really well for Clementine after her spay. Some people like to use these with a donut too, but Clem fortunately never bothered with her incision and was fine with the suit alone. Lady dogs can toilet in them without having to remove the suit! Be sure to measure your dog before purchasing, but the medium fit Ms Clem perfectly. They're also available from Amazon UK.

Hope this list was helpful. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions about the products listed here, or if we haven't covered something!


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