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Scottie Dog Products You'll Love--Even If You Aren't Owned by a Scottie!

From the single greatest carryon travel purse to adorable, handmade cards, these are my absolute favourite Scottish terrier-themed products.

Image Source: Heritage Posters

Scottish terriers, easily recognisable by their distinctive silhouettes, became extraordinarily popular in 1930s--especially in the United States. Part of their rising prominence coincided with, and was perhaps influenced by, the number of famous stars (like Humphrey Bogart and Bette Davis) who enjoyed the company of Scottie dogs. By the 1940s, the rise to fame of Fala, President Franklin Roosevelt's adorable Scottish terrier, made the breed even more ubiquitous, especially in advertising. Brands like Black & White Scotch Whisky featured Scotties in their print ads, and Scottish terrier merchandise proliferated as well.

Humphrey Bogart plays chess with his Scotties, Shuggie and Mac.

Image Source: Scottie Heaven

Companies began using Scotties in earnest for their advertisements in the 1930s and 1940s.

Image Source: eBay

While Scotties are not as popular as they once were, they still feature prominently in homeware, stationary, and fashion. And as nearly every person who shares their life with a Scottish terrier can attest, your home will quickly become filled with Scottie-themed everything, as friends and family will send you every Scottie item they come across!

I have loads of Scottie dog memorabilia around my home, but here are some of my all-time favourites.

It's hard not to buy the entirety of Radley's products--after all, the Scottie dog is their logo--but this is seriously the best carryon purse of all time. I travel by air a lot more than I'd like to, and this bag is perfect for three main reasons: 1. It zips shut, 2. It holds my 15-inch laptop WITH a bunch of other stuff, and, 3. It's the perfect size to use as a regular purse once you've arrived at your destination. I have the bag in the colour "Winter Moss" (I got this one for half off--Radley often have really good sales that are worth the wait).

Winston and Clementine model my fave bag.

Fits my laptop (15-inch) with plenty of room to spare.

Possibly my favourite detail from our wedding (thanks, Mum, for the idea), we used these adorable place cards for people to find their table numbers. For an extra special touch, we hired a calligrapher (Lori Raines, she's incredible) to make them look fantastic. They were the perfect complement to the real star of the show that day: our ring bearer, Winston (yes, he did actually carry our rings down the aisle).

Our beautiful place cards.

World's cutest ring bearer, Winnie!

These were a gift from my best friend Jakob, and I love breaking them out at dinner parties! These cotton and linen blend napkins are hand-stitched with a Scottie dog silhouette. The only problem is that our dinner guests always comment that they're too cute to use!

I love writing notes, and this has been my go-to stationary for years now. The cards are so high quality, and I love that I can personalise them with my name. Lesley is so nice, and I love supporting her business.

Had to use the stock photo because I just used my last card the other day--I have another order en route!

I always have a few of these on hand for thank you notes! Not only are they gorgeous, but they also happen to be printed right here in Harrogate.

Vintage Cast Iron Scottish Terrier Doorstop

This may have been the piece that started my Scottish terrier obsession. The doorstop was in my grandmother's house... until I begged her for it. I always admired it as a kid, and then when Winston came into my life I had to have it. This thing is HEAVY... So heavy that we didn't even ship it over to the UK with us. It's in my childhood bedroom at my parents' house awaiting my return. My in-laws got us a similar, newer one (still heavy, but nowhere near the weight of the vintage one), very similar to this one Amazon, that Win and Clem love to lay beside. The closest doorstop I could find to the one my grandmother gave me is this early twentieth century one that is currently for sale from S16 Home.

Photo Credit: My Mom!

Tragically, this lamp is no longer available (a true shame because it is SO cute), but there are similar ones for sale online. Less expensive options are available on eBay. If you're looking for a unique investment piece, there are some adorable vintage and handmade ones for sale, like this one from Jane Adams Ceramics or this cast-iron piece from the 1930s/1940s on Etsy.

If you look really closely, you can see Ms Clem in the background.

I happen to LOVE red licorice, and I personally think these are the very best tasting ones out there. Best flavour and texture of any red licorice I've tried--seriously.

Hopefully this one needs no introduction. If you're not having these with your tea, what are you doing?

What are your favourite Scottie dog products? Comment below!

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I love your greeting cards. It always makes me smile when you send one to the Magees because we know Winnie and Clemmie were nearby!!!



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