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Rainy Day Fun with Dogs

Because if living in England has been good for anything, it's getting creative on rainy days.

As summer comes to a close, it seems only right to welcome autumn with a post about some of the things you can do for fun with the dogs on the days when romping around in the sun or sipping an Aperol spritz on a terrace is not exactly viable. Here are some of our favourite rainy day activities!

Paint a Masterpiece with Pupcasso

Yes, this certainly falls under the category of 'More Fun for Humans Than For Dogs,' but it's too cute to resist. I had the idea to do this based off a very small-scale project I did with two of my dogs growing up, and I absolutely love the way it turned out.

For this project, all you need is washable paint designed for children, a paintbrush, and some good quality paper. Given the not-very-long-lasting nature of washable paint, I opted for watercolour paper to try to better preserve the painting. Luckily my sister was in town to help my little artists with their painting (the more humans on board, the better). Make sure to dunk paws in water both before and after painting--this ensures that no dirt ends up on the canvas and, of course, keeps your dogs safe from the paint (and your carpets). Give the paw pads a good paint and then press onto the paper. Remember to thoroughly wash off the paint immediately after so your dog doesn't ingest any of it!

I opted to frame the finished product, and ordered a made-to-measure mount from Etsy to make it look even more regal.

Build a Fort and Have a Movie Night

If you haven't done this since you were a kid, this is your cue! Winston and Clementine LOVE when we make a couch fort or set up a tent for movie night. Throw your couch cushions on the floor, tent a bedsheet or throw, and grab a tray for snacks. If you really want to go all in, set up your camping tent in a room!

Admittedly, I couldn't find a picture of a fort's exterior, but here's a good POV pic.

If you're feeling really extra, you can set up a literal tent in your house (warning: probably a fire hazard).

Brave the Elements and Go for a Muddy Walk

Sometimes it's best to just embrace the weather and prepare to get muddy. If you live in the UK, usually you have little choice in the matter! Some dogs seem totally unaffected by the rain, but Winston and Clementine are not huge fans. If it's just light rain, they're usually okay with donning a fleece or a coat and traipsing through the countryside. Maybe they just put up protest because they know a bath is inevitable...

I'd never even heard of dog fleeces before we moved to the UK--we heard about them from Naomi, world's greatest dog trainer/walker/carer. Fleeces are the best, especially for dogs with short little legs and bellies close to the ground. We order ours from DD Dog Wear on Etsy because they are made to measure.

Snuggle Up with a Tea or Coffee in a Dog-Friendly Cafe or Pub

If you've got work to do, or a good book to read, take your babies with you to a dog-friendly coffee shop, tea room, cafe, or pub. We're spoiled for choice up in North Yorkshire, but sometimes we still opt to climb into bed, get cosy, and enjoy a cuppa there. As long as you're spending quality time together, it doesn't matter where you are.

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