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The Best of Harrogate

A tribute to the place we've called home the last three years.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Scotties and I are headed back to the US this week. For a detailed account of our journey from the US to the UK, stay tuned! In the meantime, we owe it to Harrogate to highlight the best of this special place.


There are no words sufficient or adequate enough to describe how phenomenal Naomi is. If you're looking for someone who will love your dogs as if they are her own, look no further.

We contacted Naomi the very first week we moved to England. When we first arrived here--during the height of the pandemic--we were required to quarantine at home for two full weeks. Unable to go out to walk Winston, we contacted Naomi. While we were stuck in the house itching to get out and explore, we followed Winnie on Naomi's Instagram as he had the time of his life adventuring with his new dog friends.

Initially, we were unsure if Winnie would ever be able to go on group walks--the year before we moved to the UK, a large dog attacked Winnie in our apartment building. The incident made Win very fearful of other dogs, but Naomi built his trust and confidence (she is meticulous about the groups of dogs she puts together). It was not long before Win was RUNNING to Naomi's van to embark on his weekly walks. You'll be hard-pressed to find happier looking dogs than the ones in Naomi's pictures and videos (follow her on Instagram at @caninecompanionsdogwalking)--they all look like they're having the time of their lives.

Without Naomi, I never could have finished my dissertation research or enjoyed as much European travel as I did--she took the most fantastic care of Win and Clem whenever we went away, and I never had to worry for a second. We are incredibly indebted to all the fantastic work Naomi has done, and are going to miss her enormously. If you're in the area, don't hesitate to contact her and see if she has availability for your dog(s)--she is the best of the best. The babies and I already miss her and we haven't even left town yet!

For more of Naomi's adventures, and to see her absolutely stunning collie Bailey (pictured above with Mr Win), follow her on Instagram at @adventureswithfourpaws.

The Dog Spa Harrogate, 4 Sykes Grove, Harrogate HG1 2DB​

Scottie grooming is an art form. The skirt, the beard, the eyebrows... the stubborn personality! Holly is an expert. For three years Holly has kept Winston looking like the little model he is, and gave Ms Clem her first-ever groom! People compliment me all the time on how gorgeous Winnie and Clemmie are, and I always credit Holly. I love that her business is focused on one-on-one grooming--in the US it always really bothered me that I had to drop Winston off for a full day, never knowing when he would actually get groomed. Holly only takes one dog at a time, so they have her full and undivided attention and do not have to be stressed out waiting around all day while other dogs bark and blow dryers hum. An added bonus is that Holly is the kindest person ever, and we always love going to see her. We are going to miss her so much!

For the first time in YEARS, Holly is accepting new customers, so contact her ASAP if you're in need of a groomer in Harrogate. Take a look at some of her amazing work (and her very cute customers) on her Instagram, @thedogspaharrogate.

Wagtails Veterinary Centre, 102 Kings Road, Harrogate HG1 5HH

This veterinary practice has been one of my favourite parts about living in the UK--seriously. I have been consistently blown away by the level of care all the staff at Wagtails provide. Every single person who works here--receptionists, nurses, veterinarians--are completely lovely, caring, and friendly. Whenever I've needed a same or next-day appointment, it has not been a problem. The prices are incredibly reasonable (the first time I came here I asked if the bill was correct because the exam and annual injections were legitimately a third of the price we used to pay in the US) and the care is exceptional. Special shoutout to Daisy, one of the nurses, who gave Clementine loads of extra TLC after her spay and has always been extremely compassionate and caring. We will be forever grateful to Andy, one of the veterinarians, who delivered Winston's diagnosis to us in the most graceful and gentle manner possible. I truly think this is the single best veterinary practice in the world, and I could not recommend Wagtails more highly. THANK YOU for three years of the best care we could have ever asked for.


Okay, yes, I did already sort of do a post on this a couple months ago--but I have more places to recommend! For details on some of the places I highlighted a while back, like Major Tom's Social, Cold Bath Deli, Smiths Arms, Manna Bakery, and Brimham Rocks, see our post entitled, "Is North Yorkshire the Most Dog Friendly Place on Earth?"

Cold Bath Brewing Co., 44-46 King's Rd, Harrogate HG1 5JW

Inventive, hand-crafted cocktails? Check. A range of beers on tap? Check. Wine? Check. Dog friendly? Check. This is probably my favourite place to go and hang out with friends on nights when you just want to sit for hours and chat. I love the casual vibe of Cold Bath, and it's also really nice that they have a few outdoor tables for when the weather is nice. An added bonus is that Cold Bath currently hosts the absolutely phenomenal Yuzu Street Food, so you can stuff your face with bao buns, gyoza, and loaded fries while you enjoy a tipple.

Pizza Social, 4 Oxford Buildings, Mount Parade, Harrogate HG1 1BX

Not to be dramatic, but this is the best pizza in England. Hands down. The ONLY downside to Pizza Social is that they do not allow dogs inside, so you'll have to enjoy pizza with them out on their patio. Pizza Social uses sourdough as the base of their pies, and it is simply outstanding. I'm a big fan of the Truffle Shuffle, but my pork-eating friends swear by Bangers & Brocs. Don't forget to order their dips for your crust!

The Stray

The countless hours we've spent walking in the Stray, having a picnic, running around with the dogs... It's a gorgeous green space that runs right through Harrogate. In the springtime, rows of cherry blossoms bloom for a magical display that rivals the Tidal Basin in DC (seriously).

Gorgeous April cherry blossoms.

Equally as beautiful in autumn.

David Lane is a phenomenal local photographer who does dog photoshoots on The Stray! Can't recommend him enough.

Valley Gardens, Valley Dr, Harrogate HG1 2SZ

We love strolling through Valley Gardens, whether to check the progress of the massive plants (they look like giant rhubarb plants but I'm not sure exactly what they are), share some soft serve ice cream, browse the pretty flower displays, or, in one case, watch the coronation!

The babies enjoying the festivities on Coronation Day!

Winnie after finishing his soft serve ice cream.

Comment below if you know what these giant rhubarb-looking plants are!

27 West Park, 27 West Park, Harrogate HG1 1BJ

An eclectic antique shop absolutely jam-packed with gems, we have purchased many items here over the past few years! From bureaus and side tables to Scottie artwork and figurines, it feels like half our home furnishings come from here. We love that they are dog friendly, and Winston and Clementine are big fans of shopping when complimentary treats are involved.

Of the many items I've gotten from West Park over the years, these little Scottie dogs are my favourite. My sister got them for me as a gift when she visited this summer.

I'll be back and forth between Harrogate and the US, but the challenge (and expense) of travelling with dogs overseas means Winston and Clementine will now be full-time US residents. We'll be documenting our journey, and adventures, across the pond--for now, we say farewell, and thank you, to Harrogate.

In case you missed it on Instagram...

Ripley Castle is dog friendly the whole month of September! If you live nearby and haven't taken your little one(s) with you, there's still a few days left. Winston and Clementine had the best time traipsing around the castle grounds.

Thanks for reading!


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Chloe Gunther
Chloe Gunther
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Winnie does NOT look happy to become an American citizen hahaha. We (and I know I don't have to explain that includes Waffles) are going to miss you three sooo much.


Miss you guys 😭😭

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